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Graduate School of Economics


 The academic objective of the Graduate School of Economics is to develop professionals with advanced expertise, as well as specialist researchers in specific fields. The common goal is educating global specialists, namely, businesspeople with a broad-based acumen and advanced expertise that speaks volumes in this age of globalization.



 With the doctoral program in Economic and Business Risk established in 2003, the Graduate School of Economics now comprises three master's programs and one doctoral program. An outgrowth of the master's program in Economics (Accounting and Management) established in 1955, the School made a new start in 1973 with two master's programs in Economics and Business administration, and added a master's program in Global Finance, geared more to the development of professionals with advanced skills, in 2001. In 2002, the School launched a new initiative in partnership with the Nomura Research Institute, Ltd., the largest think tank in Japan, under the master's program in Business Administration, to pave the way for alliances between industry and academia.


Click below for guidelines for applying to the Shiga University Graduate School of Economics.



How to Get a Copy of the Application Guidelines

 For a copy of the application guidelines, write to the address below. Mark clearly in red on the front of the envelope: "Application Guidelines," with your name, address and contact number, and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope (33.2cm x 24.0cm, 390yen in stamps for delivery within Japan) for return of the guidelines.


Admissions Office,
Shiga University1-1-1, Baba, Hikone, Shiga, Japan 522-8522
Phone: +81-(0)749-27-1023